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Thanksgiving to Go

   Summit Colorado Interfaith Council strives to promote conversation among the people of Summit County around issues calling for a response to human needs.

Goal: $50,000.00
Collected: $10.00

THE SUMMIT SAFE PARKING PROGRAM is in need of a "Port of Entry" volunteer. Click Here for more details.


The People's Supper is Back

Come, sit down with a diverse group of thoughtful people over a shared meal and talk about who we are as people.  No matter our culture, religion or politics, let's begin to understand the real stories that shape who we are. 

We don't talk police at the People's Supper, we talk people!

23-Sep-21 at 6:00 PM : Silverthorne

RSVP to conversation@summitcointerfaith.org

 For more information, contact Frances McWilliams 970-547-0989


You can learn more about this national movement at https://thepeoplessupper.org

2021 SCIC Executive Team 

President: Pat McShane 


Past President: Diane Luellen


Vice President Programming: Diane Ryan


Vice President Programming: Rob Martinelli

Secretary: Dawn Koch

Treasurer: Cathy Gadomski 


  • Facilitating Dialogue
  • Strengthening Community
  • Valuing Diversity
  • Pursuing Justice
  • Inspiring Action


Summit Colorado Interfaith Council is a coalition of faith based and service organizations dedicated to fostering conversation and inspiring action to address issues we believe require a response to human needs.

We sometime take on difficult topics, hoping to shine a light on issues that are not easy to address

Community Equity Committee

A mission of the Summit Colorado Interfaith Council is valuing diversity.  The Community Equity Committee offers programs to further the mission.

Click on the links to learn more

- Transforming Dialogue: Using Empathy to Promote Racial Understanding

- Conversations in Spanish/English: Amigos - join others to dialogue and learn-Books exploring diversity, equity and inclusion and book clubs and events.

-Books exploring diversity, equity and inclusion and Next Page Books and Nosh book clubs and events.

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Activities for Any Day

Resources for Every Day


Public Health, Testing, Food, Rental Assistance, Mental Health & ALMA, Parenting, Unemployment and Health Insurance Resources


Building Hope Summit County is a community-wide initiative designed to create a more coordinate, effective and responsive mental health system that promotes emotional health, reduces stigma and improves access to care and support for everyone in Summit County.



Call:  970.368.0923
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